Meditating in a pyramid can help reaching higher levels of consciousness?

The neotantra creators have hand made a variety of different pyramids, from small examples, ones for meditation to one built around the bed to leaving us lying in the sweet spot or focal point. The pyramids are based on sacred geometry in the design and the Giza pyramid has the golden ratio 1 : 1.618 in the angle of the slope of the wall. By creating structures with sacred geometry it helps you to unlock the codes of this mystical realm in our consciousness. We encourage you to try it out and make a pyramid and the platonic solids. Drawing these is also a great way to tap into this ancient knowledge.Giza Copper Meditation Pyramid Gold Coast Qld, Byron Bay Nsw

Entering this incredible field of energy and meditating can be an relaxing and awakening experiance. Research has shown that meditation in the pyramid can bring your mind into the theta brain waves, accessing a deeper state of consciousness. With the focal point one third up from the center of the base square. Placing food or water in this focal point will energize it, ideally under 5% of the volume of the pyramid will give maximum benefits. Food will last longer in the Giza copper pyramid. With many potential uses to help reaching higher levels of consciousness, we feel everyone could benefit from having and making a pyramid.

Here a small example of a Giza pyramid with citrine crystal coiled with copper on the tip.

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Here’s a double pointed amethyst crystal charging up with the suns energy.

Crystal for copper pyramid Guy Sohm

Sleeping under a bed pyramid can lead to profound dreams.

In the comments below we would love to hear from you about how to reach higher levels of consciousness and awareness in your option? Working with sacred geometry and using pyramids? Please share any of your thought, advice and experiences. Thank you from the neotantra team 🙂 x

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